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Tax lien certificates are an investment that many people make in search of a safe, secure, return.  In the counties in Arizona, you can purchase a tax lien certificate at public auction, after a property owner has been delinquent on their taxes for 2 years.  At the auction, you will be able to acquire a tax lien certificate and when the property owner redeems their taxes (pays their back taxes), you receive an interest check.  However, did you know that you cannot legally demand that a property owner pay their back taxes until AT LEAST 3 years from the date you purchased the tax lien certificate? Or perhaps that your tax lien certificate (and all your earnings) EXPIRE after 10 years! That means you will get NOTHING back from the county/property owner.  If you are ready to cash out and get your money back, let's chat.  We may be the solution you need to get you back in a winning position!


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